About Us

Hardeman County Memorial Hospital (HCMH) is a hospital district that operates as a Critical Access Hospital (CAH) in rural Texas. Located in Quanah, Texas on Hwy 287, between Wichita Falls and Amarillo, HCMH operates two rural health clinics: one in Quanah, and the other in Foard County. The hospital strives to provide the highest quality care with the personal touch of rural values. Offering advanced inpatient and outpatient services, as well as a 24-hour emergency room, HCMH provides compassionate and quality care to patients of all ages. We encourage you to utilize HCMH for all your healthcare needs.


Mission Statement

HCMH is dedicated to provide quality, compassionate healthcare, and wellness services along with careful stewardship of resources with an overall commitment to excellence.


HCMH District Values


HCMH is dedicated to showing compassion in our presence and engagement of our patients, employees, and our community. HCMH strives to make compassion the foundation upon which our patient-centered care is built upon.


To improve our patient’s healthcare experience, HCMH vows to respect our patients, their opinions, and their beliefs. Mutual respect is essential for a successful relationship between healthcare providers and patients.


Quality healthcare is easily described as providing the right services, when you need them, while using the most appropriate test or procedure to achieve the best possible outcome. Quality healthcare should be safe, patient-centered, timely, effective, and equitable for all. HCMH continues to promote the highest quality of healthcare for our patients and community.


When your health is at question having a dependable local healthcare option is priceless, and HCMH guarantees to be here when you need us!


Honesty is an essential value when it comes to your healthcare. HCMH is committed to honesty in relation to patient relationships, financial integrity, and transparency of operations. We pledge to do what is right for all our patients, every time.