Message from the CEO

Hardeman County Memorial Hospital is dedicated to providing quality, compassionate healthcare, and wellness services along with careful stewardship of resources with an overall commitment to excellence. As the CEO of HCMH, promoting the mission statement of the district is my number one goal. We strive daily to provide a dependable healthcare system that is sustainable for the future. HCMH is a Critical Access Hospital in rural Texas, and much like other rural hospitals, we face the daily struggles to ensure our presence within our communities while continuing to improve our facilities and services. Out-migration, decreasing population, and governmental regulations continue to be challenges that we combat to keep HCMH viable for generations to come. The hospital, along with our schools and churches are truly the factoring parts of a 3-legged stool that makes up our community. Without one of them, your community quickly becomes unstable and diminishes in function. As a consumer of our product, I would ask you to let us know how we are doing in providing you and your family with the needs of your healthcare.

Dennis Thomas, CEO