As a department of Hardeman County Hospital District, Hardeman County Rehab recognizes the importance of recovery from illnesses and injuries. Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy can help you improve your quality of life.

We specialize in providing services for all ages from pediatrics to senior adults. Our caring, specialized therapists are educated in utilizing various modalities to improve your wellness. Your care is professional, compassionate, and individualized. Our facility is equipped with a wide variety of therapeutic equipment such as a treadmill, stationary bicycles, various elliptical machines, total fitness trainer, free weights, and much more!

Hours of Operation

Mon–Fri: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


Physical Therapy (PT)

Treatment of disease, injury, or disability by physical and/or mechanical means. Therapy based on performing the meaningful activities of daily life (self-care skills, education, work or social interaction), especially to enable or enhance participation in such activities despite impairments or limitations in physical or mental functioning. Physical Therapy is for individuals of all ages- to improve skills that help them perform daily tasks at home, school, work, and at play. Our goal is to expedite your recovery process and educate you in ways to improve your functional mobility in daily living activities.

Conditions benefiting from PT include (but not limited to):

Wound Care Burn Care
Work Related Injuries Cardiac Rehab – with recent expanded training
Pulmonary Rehab – with recent expanded training Sports Injuries
Total Joint Replacements Bone Fractures – hip, knee, ankle, etc.
Upper extremity (hand, elbow, shoulder fractures or injuries) Splinting – post injury &/or post surgical
Customized Orthotics – reimbursed by insurance Back Pain
Neck Pain Diabetic Neuropathy
Parkinson’s Disease Stroke
Spinal Cord Injury/ Traumatic Brain Injury Amputation
Decreased Sensation in lower extremity due to previous injury Repetitive Motion Disorders
Vertigo – Vestibular Issues Arthritis
Fibromyalgia Carpal Tunnel
Alzheimers’ Disease Delayed Development
Autism/ADHD/Learning Disabilities Sensory Dysfunction
Cerebral Palsy General Debilitation & Wellness
Motorized Scooter Evaluations

Certified Lymphedema Program – 2 certified lymphedema therapists on staff
Kinesiotaping – 1 certified kinesiotaping practioner on staff
Functional Dry Needling – 1 certified dry needling practioner on staff


Pediatric Therapy

Will be opening new Pediatric Sensory Center SOON!


Speech & Language Pathology (SLP/ST)

Treatment concerning issues surrounding human speech and language disorders and swallowing disorders. There are multiple methods of human communication both nonverbal communication (ex. facial expression, posture, and gesture), written, and verbal communication including expressive language (the production of effective communication) and receptive language (the understanding of presented communication. Speech results from voice production, and the manipulation of speech sounds creates language. We also specialize in disorders of swallowing.

Conditions benefiting from SLP include (but not limited to):

Neurologic Disorders Aphasia- Difficulty expressing or understanding language
Dysphagia- Difficulty swallowing or eating Dysfluency- Difficulty with word finding
Cognitive Retraining Language Delays/disorders
Voice Disorders- Auditory Processing Speech and Articulation Disorders
Pediatric Speech and Language Disorders

We are also proud to offer the only Vital Stim therapy for pharyngeal  phase dysphagia & FEES (Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing) in our area!